Our Story

OFS Brands is a family owned, community driven company providing socially responsible furniture and logistics solutions in office, healthcare, education, government, and home office markets across the world. Established in 1937 in Huntingburg Indiana, OFS Brands has grown into a global leader while staying true to its local roots and core values of sustainability and craftsmanship.

Our History

As the matriarch and heart of our company, she carries the spirit of the company with grace and passion. Meet Phyllis Menke, and let her tell you what makes OFS Brands special.

Who We Are

Our president and CEO Hank Menke gives a behind-the-scenes factory tour and explains what goes into making OFS Brands products. As Hank explains, the family culture, inspiration and leadership at OFS Brands are equally as important as the materials and machinery.

Our Brands

OFS, our original contract furniture brand, is firmly rooted in the skilled craftsmanship and forestry bounty unique to Southwest Indiana. We respond creatively to the evolving needs in workplace environments by blending function, flexibility within highly tailored design concepts.

Defined by collaboration, flexibility and personalization, First Office creates furniture collections that help interior spaces encourage the fluid movement of information and allow people to be social, comfortable and productive. Learning and creativity can happen any time, anywhere; First Office sets the stage.

Carolina delivers solutions to positively impact the healing experience for caregivers, patients, and their families. With its insightful product offering and sensitive, smart design, Carolina instinctively responds to the gamut of needs in the healthcare landscape.

With an international flair and rich design heritage that spans nearly fifty years, Loewenstein delivers fresh designs with a keen focus on scale, engineering and modern-day artistry. Loewenstein supports the many ways we live and work.

With Highmark seating is simple. Products include task, conference, executive guest and multipurpose. Arranged at optimal price points with just the right amount of choice, features, and functionality for each seating application.

Our Solutions


Workplace environments are evolving rapidly to meet the challenges of a multi-generational workforce, constantly evolving technology, and need for productivity. OFS Brands focuses on balancing these factors with the needs of the individuals by creating flexible platforms that accommodate both the way we work today and the way we will work tomorrow.


OFS Brands understands what caregivers, patients and their families encounter each day. Going to the source of where these encounters occur and learning how environments make people feel, is essential to creating real solutions for healthcare environments. At OFS Brands we know that how we make people feel is as important as what we make.


The learning styles of today‚Äôs students are redefining education spaces. Our brands work together to create comfortable and flexible environments that support multiple ways to teach, share and learn. At OFS Brands, we treat every space as a learning space.


OFS Brands offers a large selection of products with a warm, personal feel that blur the lines between home and office furnishings.