Bryan Ashley Joins the OFS Brands Family

At OFS Brands, we put people first. This is the foundation for all our interactions, and also shapes how we choose our strategic partnerships. Bryan Ashley, a hospitality company, clearly carries the same “people first” culture, making them the perfect addition to the OFS Brands family. 
The hospitality industry has long been an influence on the markets we serve. Hotel lobbies were the original "third" or "ancillary" spaces that we talk about today in work, healing, and learning environments.  As the hospitality, education, healthcare, workplace, and residential environments continue to blend, it is only natural for us to enhance our portfolio of solutions to meet our clients' evolving needs.
“It starts with a connection to the people. If we prioritize relationships, the business side will ultimately follow. We’ve successfully combined many organizations because we establish community through mutual encouragement and support.” Ryan Menke, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
Bryan Ashley made their mark in the industry through excellent customer service and craftsmanship. Started in 1986, their history of innovation positions OFS Brands at the heart of the hospitality industry to complement our leadership in the workplace, healthcare, and education markets. 
Family-owned and operated, Bryan Ashley is based in Deerfield Beach, FL, where they have successfully furnished hotel rooms for over three generations. We look forward to uniting in future endeavors.
Learn more about Bryan Ashley here.


Dec 29, 2017 NEWS/

Best of Year 2017: Elani

New York City is always exciting this time of year with the hustle and bustle of the holidays. The excitement was heightened as the A&D community flocked to the city to see which projects and products would earn Interior Design Magazine’s Best of Year Awards. 
We are excited to announce that our very own Elani by Carolina earned a Best of Year Award for 2017! Designed by Beck and Beck, Elani was recognized for its simple aesthetic, combining crisp lines with sculpted ash legs. Elani lounge also offers a shelter back to provide a sense of privacy for guests to connect and focus in public spaces. Metal ferrules were also introduced for durability in healing spaces while adding a modern touch to the warmth of wood. 
Along with Elani, Heya, Harpin (OFS) and Boost (First Office) were also honorees for the Best of Year awards, adding to a succession of award recognition for our newest products. 
The Best of Year ceremony draws more than 1,000 people to see the best designs in the industry and encourage industry leaders to continue pushing the lines of design. Look for the Best of Year announcement in the December edition of Interior Design magazine!
Dec 08, 2017 NEWS/

Saven Rocker Wins Nightingale Innovation Award

At the 2017 Healthcare Design Conference + Expo, Carolina's Saven Rocker was honored with a Nightingale Award for Innovation. Presented by Contract and Healthcare Design magazines in partnership with the Center for Health Design, the Nightingale Awards recognize contribution to the healthcare built environment through product design and innovation that contributes to healing. 

Studio3 designer Mike Shields observed, noted and adapted the rockers design to new mother's needs perfectly, giving Saven unique style and functions that create a better user experience. Check out some of the stats that informed and defined the design of this innovative rocker.

80% babies born in the US that start out breastfeeding
1st rocker with ergonomically adjustable height arms to adapt to comfort—especially for nursing moms
50 independent arm height position combinations
30 degrees of soothing rocking motion
65 yrs combined design team experience in healthcare furnishings and nursing
2 arm options: fixed or height adjustable
4 arm top surfaces: upholstered, wood, poly, and solid surface
powder coat color options
120,000 cycles in the ANSI/BIFMA X5.4-2012 Back Durability test passed by Saven (along with all other required tests)
2 words—safe haven—combined to create "Saven" and inform the type of space we imagine for mother and baby
Nov 28, 2017 NEWS/

The Butternut Tree Initiative

OFS Brands partnered with Purdue University’s Hardwood Tree Improvement Research Center to help restore the once-prominent butternut tree to the Midwest. Through a combination of research and grafted seed orchards, a new crop of trees has been born. These trees are immune to the fungus that killed them off originally and may bring the beloved butternut tree back to our woods. 
This effort demonstrates a continuation of the legacy started by Phyllis and Bob Menke, dedication to environmentalism and good stewardship. “This is really something started 50-60 years ago, just with newer research. Their example inspired and directed us to where we are today,” Scott Reckelhoff said. Today, the new butternut trees have been planted in the Hoosier National Forest, and may someday stretch to our own forests of Cool Springs. 
Oct 30, 2017 NEWS/

OFS Brands: Community Partner

The city of Huntingburg, home to OFS Brands Corporate Headquarters, was awarded the Stellar Designation, an award that provides funding for community-building projects. This award has inspired new life in the city of Huntingburg, and OFS Brands has joined in to make the town a promising destination for all who visit, live, and may move to Southern Indiana.
The most recent project, Market Street Park, will provide a new community space for people to come and spend time together. This includes a plaza dedicated to OFS Brands' Matriarch, Phyllis Menke (in memory of their work on the old Town Hall), community areas, and an amphitheater. This is one step towards a refreshed Huntingburg, and OFS Brands is proud to be a vital part of the renovation. 
This is not the first time that OFS Brands has contributed to the community, and it will not be the last. For Cory Menke, Director of Operations, it’s been the small things that mark OFS Brands’ legacy. Things like donating furniture to local schools, lockers for a community gym, or taking on leadership roles for the town.
“Our role is to be good stewards of all the things we value: our people, our community, our earth. I think that we are living this each day—and I hope that this is what comes to mind when others think of OFS Brands. In the end, all of our work is based on our core values, and we try to share these values both in and outside of the walls of the company,” Cory said.  
Small, everyday steps of generosity and support go a long way, and OFS Brands is excited to participate in the continued flourishing of Huntingburg through upcoming projects as part of the Stellar Designation award. 
Oct 13, 2017 NEWS/

OFS Brands Reaches 1000 Users on CET

Today, August 31, 2017, marks two years since OFS Brands began the CET journey. To leaders like Wesley Harper, Director of Dealer Advancement, and Steven Dunn, eTools Manager, this milestone marks two years of persistent work.
For OFS Brands, 1000 users demonstrate the value of the company’s investment two years ago—users actually save time and effort by employing the CET software. “We’re seeing adoption and we will continue to invest in more programming and added value,” says Steven Dunn. This affirmation will spur OFS Brands to continued investment in the CET platform, with increased products, additional PGC features, and enhancements to user workflows.
"We've invested a lot of time and resources in creating smart extensions to make the OFS Brands CET experience more intuitive for designers. We are out in the market talking with designers and getting feedback. We've heard a tremendous amount of positive feedback. It feels good to know we are giving them hours back in their lives,” says Wes Harper. 
 To see OFS Brands’ continued investment in CET software, join OFS Brands at the CET User Conference on November 8-9, where the company will be presenting new enhanced content that will continue to increase user efficiency. 
Aug 31, 2017 NEWS/

OFS Brands Corporate Office WELL Registered

By: Lydia Goorman, OFS Brands Marketing Communication Specialist
For the first time ever in the state of Indiana, a company, OFS Brands, has registered their space to become WELL Certified. This step demonstrates their passion for and history of employee well-being. 
In this day and age, wellness in the workplace is no longer a desire but an expectation. As Millennials move into the workplace with these expectations, creating workspaces centered around wellness helps attract the best and brightest employees. WELL provides wellness guidelines, with seven categories to consider, from air quality to fitness. 
For OFS, these guidelines not only symbolize employee wellness but also ensure transparency, as the WELL records are publicly published. Other companies, employees, and families can all see where OFS falls on the spectrum for a WELL space, and push the company to strive for even better marks.
This registration doesn't solidify OFS Brands as a WELL Building but instead marks a commitment, a promise to their employees for wellness and improvement. This process naturally follows the history of employee-focus at OFS Brands. In fact, OFS Brands established healthy eating programs and built a fitness center long before WELL standards required it. Likewise, the company has committed a key WELL AP resource, Paul Anderson, to the role of Vice President of Wellbeing and Development. Along with Paul, Jarod Brames and Vanessa Englert, two additional OFS Brands employees, have achieved status as certified WELL accredited professionals. 
The commitment to wellness is not new at OFS Brands, but on July 28, 2017, this commitment went public. Now, OFS Brands has partnered with WELL to actively pursue improvement.  
Aug 09, 2017 NEWS/

OFS Brands NeoCon 2017: Views from the Press

By: Lydia Goorman, OFS Brands Marketing Communication Specialist
Five straight weeks preparing the Chicago showroom paid off, with clear recognition from the media, and a showroom atmosphere of homefulness and cohesion. Stan Gray, VP of Branding and Customer Experience, celebrated OFS Brands’ hard work, saying, “In my opinion, and I’ve been at Neocon for 17 years, the process this year was the smoothest of any that I’ve been involved in, from design to implementation.”
Thus, when praise for the detail-conscious showroom came pouring in, OFS Brands cheered along with all the voices who spoke out on behalf of the beautiful showroom—and another year of hard work. Below reflects some of that support:
“OFS Brands continues to impress, with a swathe of new products, many of them, such as Elani seating and Wyre tables reflecting the show’s emphasis on breakout areas. Their versions of enclosures included Qove modular lounge units.”
“Can't help but touch this buttery soft leather chair by @grahamdesignsf for @OFSBrands #neocon #neocon2017 #ofsbrands #chicago #design”
“Meet Heya, the newest @ofsbrands lounge collection by Webb Associates. Swipe left to meet Elani, the lounge collection designed by Beck & Beck Associates and winner of a @metropolismag Metropolis Likes award! #NeoCon2017”
“If you missed the OFS space, you missed one of the most cohesive, cool spaces of NeoCon. The brand continues to impress from its design to quality.”
“At OFS, the Rowen Sofa was designed by Brian Graham and inspired by architecture and landscapes; it’s a graceful and inviting piece of furniture, featuring single chairs as well as modular components. We loved the leather buttons and elegant topstitching. Once again, Mr. Graham takes a simple idea and transforms it into something timeless and elegant.”
Jul 05, 2017 NEWS/Showroom

OFS Brands Takes Home 5 Awards this NeoCon

HugHeya, and Wyre (above) each received Contract Magazine's "Best of NeoCon - Silver" Award. Entries for this award are judged by a team of architects and designers, who visit the various showrooms prior to the opening day of NeoCon.
Elani won the Metropolis Magazine, #MetropolisLikes Award. Every NeoCon, Metropolis editors seek out the industry’s top designs.
Saven won Interior Design Magazine’s HiP Award for Health & Wellness Category. Interior Design introduced the HiP Awards four years ago to recognize remarkable industry People and Products. STAKSWyreCoact and Heya, were all HiP Honorable Mentions.
Jun 26, 2017 NEWS/Awards

OFS Brands Announces their District Sales Manager, Stacey Harloe, will be a Career Panelist for IIDA's Career Boot Camp

HUNTIINGBURG, INDIANA – OFS Brands is proud to announce that they will be sponsoring International Interior Design Association’s program, Career Bootcamp, for the third year in a row.  They are also honored to have their Chicago District Sales Manager, Stacey L. Harloe-Mowery, as a career panelist for this year’s Career Bootcamp.
Under the International Interior Design Association, they have created a program over the professional design world and how to get there. Career Bootcamp helps jump-start the careers of students and recent graduates by equipping them with tools and resources to assist them in their career pursuit in the Interior Design Industry. From creating a resume, cover letter, or portfolio, to finding out what recruiters are looking for, what to wear, how to network, and much more. IIDA Career Bootcamp ensures the next generation of designers are primed for the future.
Stacey brings a strong interior design background to her role in Sales at OFS Brands. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Interior Design from NIU, with an emphasis in store planning and corporate workplace.
“Having a design degree has significantly helped my sales efforts especially in today's world. Roles and responsibilities within the design community have more cross over, due to a changing industry. The design firms are relying on dealers and manufactures more and more. Understanding the designer’s vision, design intent and budget, is key. Once I know that, I can use my background to help make selections that will coincide with their request. The goal in the experience is timely, pain free and a solution that works. Solving for design challenges and requests is what a designer does for every project and what I do to sell our solutions,” commented Stacey.
Stacey develops and supports A+ D partners for OFS Brands in the Chicago Market with a passion for design. Within her free time, she enjoying renovating her 1975 tri-level home and giving tours at the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio in Oak Park, IL.
About International Interior Design Association:
International Interior Design Association is a membership organization that helps provide students with a support network that helps connect them to peers, clients and educators while offering the opportunity to advance their career through education, industry recognition, and relevant research. This association works to increase value and understanding of Interior Design as a profession, as well as enhancing business value that positively impacts the health and well-being of people’s lives every day. For more information regarding IIDA, visit:
Jun 06, 2017 NEWS/