By OFS Brands

BE PASSIONATELY CURIOUS. MOTIVATION CAN BE A BETTER PREDICTOR OF SUCCESS THAN IQ Creating interest and intrigue in the happenings of the world fashions aspirations for constant learners to stretch the boundaries of what is possible. Spaces should be the conduit to foster interaction and focus so the next big idea can be discovered. LEARNING IS NO LONGER LINEAR It’s organic and experiential. It can still be direct, but the adjacent knowledge gleaned from conversations, books, observation and quiet thinking bring forth substance and understanding. BECAUSE FACTS AND INFORMATION are readily available, making connections is far more important than recall. Building context around rather disparate nuggets of information is the new currency of learning. SPACES MUST BE MALLEABLE Furniture should not dictate how information is delivered, it should enhance fluid learning so students can transition to various comprehension or interaction modes to converge and diverge on subject matters.