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Tiny Homes, Big Impact

Ecosystems are upheld by each and every part of the whole, even one small shift shakes the entire system. The endangered Indiana bat provides insect control, pollination, and spreads seeds for increased plant growth. In fact, the US Forest Service values bats overall at $23-54 billion annually for the US agriculture market due to pest control and fertilization.

Bryan Ashley Joins the OFS Brands Family

At OFS Brands, we put people first. This is the foundation for all our interactions, and also shapes how we choose our strategic partnerships. Bryan Ashley, a hospitality company, clearly carries the same “people first” culture, making them the perfect addition to the OFS Brands family. 
The hospitality industry has long been an influence on the markets we serve.

Saven Rocker Wins Nightingale Innovation Award

At the 2017 Healthcare Design Conference + Expo, Carolina's Saven Rocker was honored with a Nightingale Award for Innovation. Presented by Contract and Healthcare Design magazines in partnership with the Center for Health Design, the Nightingale Awards recognize contribution to the healthcare built environment through product design and innovation that contributes to healing. 

The Butternut Tree Initiative

OFS Brands partnered with Purdue University’s Hardwood Tree Improvement Research Center to help restore the once-prominent butternut tree to the Midwest. Through a combination of research and grafted seed orchards, a new crop of trees has been born. These trees are immune to the fungus that killed them off originally and may bring the beloved butternut tree back to our woods. 
This effort demonstrates a continuation of the legacy started by Phyllis and Bob Menke, dedication to environmentalism and good stewardship.

OFS Brands: Community Partner

The city of Huntingburg, home to OFS Brands Corporate Headquarters, was awarded the Stellar Designation, an award that provides funding for community-building projects. This award has inspired new life in the city of Huntingburg, and OFS Brands has joined in to make the town a promising destination for all who visit, live, and may move to Southern Indiana.
The most recent project, Market Street Park, will provide a new community space for people to come and spend time together.

OFS Brands Reaches 1000 Users on CET

Today, August 31, 2017, marks two years since OFS Brands began the CET journey. To leaders like Wesley Harper, Director of Dealer Advancement, and Steven Dunn, eTools Manager, this milestone marks two years of persistent work.
For OFS Brands, 1000 users demonstrate the value of the company’s investment two years ago—users actually save time and effort by employing the CET software. “We’re seeing adoption and we will continue to invest in more programming and added value,” says Steven Dunn.

OFS Brands Corporate Office WELL Registered

By: Lydia Goorman, OFS Brands Marketing Communication Specialist
For the first time ever in the state of Indiana, a company, OFS Brands, has registered their space to become WELL Certified. This step demonstrates their passion for and history of employee well-being. 
In this day and age, wellness in the workplace is no longer a desire but an expectation. As Millennials move into the workplace with these expectations, creating workspaces centered around wellness helps attract the best and brightest employees.

OFS Brands Announces their District Sales Manager, Stacey Harloe, will be a Career Panelist for IIDA's Career Boot Camp

HUNTIINGBURG, INDIANA – OFS Brands is proud to announce that they will be sponsoring International Interior Design Association’s program, Career Bootcamp, for the third year in a row.  They are also honored to have their Chicago District Sales Manager, Stacey L. Harloe-Mowery, as a career panelist for this year’s Career Bootcamp.
Under the International Interior Design Association, they have created a program over the professional design world and how to get there.